Breakfree Isaiah 61 aims to promote wholeness by offering relief to areas in your life that need forgiveness, healing and restoration. Deidre’s overall approach is gentle, thorough and lasting. She longs to see people’s lives change,  grow and come to their full potential.

To raise individuals up, offering wholeness and healing where lives were once devastated beyond repair into a place of hope, that the down trodden would be free from oppression.

Deidre is a Diploma qualified professional counsellor who uses both secular and Christian methods to provide adults with caring confidential counselling for childhood abuse, trauma, dissociation, couple counselling and other emotional and relational problems.

Relationship – Family Counselling
Marriage Counselling
Spiritual Problems
Emotional Problems
Past Hurts
Abuse Counselling
Grief Management
Release from Drug Addiction


Deidre Coppins researches specific areas according to the clients need, to break them from problems that hold them captive. Root causes are therefore addressed.
She has found a way to break people from drug addictions, if you are looking for this kind of counselling, she may be able to help you.

*Resources are available, only as part of training or further counselling.*

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